From emergency services to new construction, ProTECH's expert plumbers are here to serve our Billings customers within 24 hours!

Please contact us any time to discuss how ProTECH Mechanical can help you: 406-245-1221

Residential Plumbing Services

Emergency Services

- Leaks
- Faucets
- Fixtures - new or replacements
- Water Conditioning

Drain Opening

Is your plumbing backing up? We have the latest drain equipment and cameras for all inspections.

New Construction

Our experts will install all plumbing equipment necessary for new construction implementation with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Sewer Inspections

Have your sewer inspected before you buy your new home! Avoid problems by being in the know for a price you can hardly believe. Call us to find out more: 406-245-1221.

Pressure Dosed System

- Gravity Type
- Evapotransporation

Call our trusted team of master and journeymen plumbers!

Sewer Replacements

We are able to pull new sewer systems hydraulically underground.


Why ruin your landscape? We can pull a new sewer underground with little to no disturbance to your land.

Septic Tanks

Septic tank pumping, septic tabk and drain field installations, Presby Waste water system installation

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